Materials Science--funded by NNSA/CDAC. We seek to understand the mechanical behavior of materials at extreme conditions of very high pressures and temperatures.


Materials Physics and Chemistry Under Extreme Conditions

Earth and Planetary Interiors

Isotope Electrochemistry--funded by DOE BES. The purpose of this research program is to use the exquisitely sensitive behavior of metal stable isotopes as an indicator of the mechanisms of redox processes.

Geochemical Signatures of Electrochemical Processes

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Spectroscopy, Stability, and Equations of State of Carbon-rich Phases--funded by UC/LANL. The goal of this research program is to understand how carbon and carbonate phases are cycled through the Earth’s deep crust and mantle.

Behavior of Carbon at High Pressures and Temperatures

Mineral Physics--funded by NSF. Our goal is to understand the thermal and chemical evolution of the Earth’s interior by measuring phase stability, equation of state, and transport properties of minerals at high pressures and temperatures.